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Two, which is indicated next to the product.

Because the product comes directly from Italy, and even though you’ve only bought a few items, there’s still a delivery charge.

Firstly, to download the colour palette and the information card that goes with it (a great help for your work) and secondly, to be the first to know about the availability of your favourite products, promotions and to be up to date with Clinita events.

Thanks to the new regulation that has minimised the amount of carbon in pigments, an active ingredient that affects black and most shades of brown, which has led to a change in the overall formulation. Thus, the factories producing the active ingredients have been raided by the brands, which is why there has been this delay of several months. But you won’t have to wait much longer and there won’t be any more confusion in the future!

Yes, we have a super package for you, which you can find in the “For Beginners” menu.

It will arrive to you within a maximum of five working days after the payment is received.

Yes, you can pay by Credit card entering your card details. All the payments are securely processed via Stripe secure connection.

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Payment infos

Bank Transfer

You can also pay by bank transfer. The order will be processed after payment is received.

Credit card

You can pay by Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Your order will be processed almost immediately.

Shipping info

How shipping works.

The order upon payment will be sent to Clinita Italia which will ship directly to your door.